Fundamental values

The construction industry and in particular the construction sector is one of the most important infrastructures and factors for creating employment and sustainable development. The growth and movement of this industry has been influential in the social and economic fields and has led to the movement of other sectors of the economy as well as increasing the dynamism and vitality of the society. becomes

More than 16 years have passed since the establishment of Pishro Sazan Arya Co. as a member of the construction industry, and now the name of this company evokes trust and quality. Mutual and long-term trust are the main foundations of our relationship between the company and the stakeholders. It is so important that the continuous success of employers and the continuation of cooperation with business partners and suppliers during the many years of the company’s activity are its results.The commitment to the following fundamental values ​​constitute the basic principles of our progress and we believe that by focusing on the aforementioned important pillars, we will continue to remain one of the prominent and leading companies in the construction industry and maintain the position that we have achieved over the years with hard work and effort. Colleagues, and with our knowledge, experience, and commitment, we will improve the company’s goals and values. Let’s take steps towards the following goals.

– Satisfying stakeholders in all activities.

– Valuing and satisfying customers.

– Maintaining the policy, increasing the reputation and credibility of the company in all activities.

– Respecting social values ​​and maintaining environmental standards.

– Respecting and valuing the wishes of the personnel and trying to improve their scientific and cultural level.

– Commitment to quality and technical and engineering standards in providing products and services in order to preserve individual capital and create a suitable living environment.

– Responsibility towards customers, society and the environment as a guarantor of the process of promoting and maintaining leadership.

– Responsibility for improving the company by relying on empowering and motivating employees.

– Increasing trust and stability of shareholders through value creation.