As a specialized and active company in the construction industry, the  construction company of Pishro Sazan Arya Co. has set the vision of its activities in the field of construction of special projects with residential and commercial use. With the aim of creating value for shareholders, customers and buyers, Pishro Sazan Arya Co. has designed the following strategic plans to achieve its goals.

  • Creating a well-known brand in order to increase shareholders’ profits, maintain peace of mind and the interests of customers and buyers, by designing, building and implementing special projects with quality and special materials for residential, commercial, office and service uses.
  • Strengthening the company’s brand and becoming a reliable brand in the construction industry (branding), attracting internal participation in the fields of investment and technical and engineering.
  • Recruiting more specialized forces along with upgrading and expanding organizational knowledge through targeted trainings.- Geographical diversity in manufacturing while maintaining focus on existing competitive advantages.
  • Generating income and earning clean profit with appropriate investment in order to strengthen the financial base and preserve the shareholders’ rights.
  • Creating a suitable platform for the participation of more specialized and committed forces in the country’s economic development scene.
  • Preservation, maintenance and optimal use of existing civil and economic resources, facilities and talents.
  • Development of the company’s contribution in order to lay the groundwork for human well-being and environmental protection.
  • Creating job opportunities in the field of civil engineering and development of the country and helping the government’s deprivation policies by protecting the interests of the shareholders.
  • Applying new solutions and methods in executive affairs related to civil and construction projects.