Our mission

Value creation and profitability through activity in the construction industry and creating superior and lasting buildings to achieve the above goals, the quality management system of Pishro Sazan Arya Co. is based on various standards and based on this, appropriate organizational structure, written planning, scheduling and strict monitoring. On the implementation of projects, the division of work based on competence, commitment and expertise, and spreading the sense of responsibility to all employees and enjoying their participation, is created and established as the most important factors in the implementation of the collection. The establishment and continuation of the company’s policy is one of the obligations of its senior management. Also, the responsibility of justifying and explaining it to the employees is directed to each of the managers and officials of the company. In this regard, all levels of the company will try to institutionalize and improve the quality management system in the leading company of Pishro Sazan Arya Co. by applying the culture of continuous improvement.