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.Pishro Sazan Arya Co

Pishro Sazan Arya Co. has considered value creation and profitability through activity in the construction industry and creating superior and lasting buildings as its mission, and by designing and implementing high-quality, beautiful, sustainable buildings with architectural values, and complying with national laws and standards Technical and environmental efforts to provide ideal living conditions for dear countrymen.

Pishro Sazan Arya Co. is determined to present its projects using the latest and most modern technologies, equipment, methods and using new management and technical systems in various areas of design, implementation and sales in competitive markets.

What distinguishes Pishro Sazan Arya Co. from other groups active in the country is the ability and competence that is manifested in the form of a rich organizational culture based on ethics, knowledge-oriented and organizational efficiency.Since 2006, Pishro Sazan Arya Co. has officially introduced itself as an investment and executive company in the country’s construction industry and has a serious and continuous presence in this field until today. With the passage of time, a new chapter of this company’s activities began because it officially tried to use the vision of “excellence and leadership in the country’s construction industry” and placing value creation and profitability through the creation of superior and lasting buildings as its mission. From the latest technologies, to lead and manage construction projects in the country in terms of excellent features. But since late 2010 and with the understanding of the economic conditions governing the country and the analysis of the construction industry market, it formulated a new strategy in line with the current and future conditions of the company, as well as the modification of short-term and long-term plans, in order to be able to Quantitative and qualitative development of its activities in the coming periods.During the years of its activity, this company was able to stabilize its position in the competitive market by creating a valuable chain of capable construction forces in various fields. has established sales and exploitation in order to play a significant role in the sustainable development of the country. Pishro Sazan Arya Co. see bright horizons ahead of them and hope to rely on their rich scientific and human capabilities and also by taking steps in The path of its fundamental values, i.e. emphasis on Iranian Islamic architecture, ethics-oriented, social responsibility, respect for customers and stakeholders and adherence to resistance economy, will make the slogan “We are building Iran’s tomorrow” a reality